Teaching Program, Spring 2022


The two drawing & painting courses at the Positive Futures Hub on White Cross, Lancaster, start again on the 27th and 28th April respectively. The five week blocks are on Wednesday evenings 7-9 and Thursday afternoons 1-3. We will cover drawing in graphite or charcoal and painting in acrylics. Everyone is welcome, what ever level you are. The cost of the five block is £45. If you are interested in joining the class do email me or text on 07947 701548.

Photographs from some of the pre-lock down workshops.









































Charlie the Cello

The collaborative community project with Andy Whitfield, the Millennium Choir's musical director and cellist, Maja Bugge with funding support from the Arts Council Grants for the Arts. Andy, Maja and I delivered a series of Charlie the Cello workshops in local primary schools (see the photos and some of the images made by the children below).

If you weren’t fortunate enough to see the show at Lancaster Priory or at The Gregson Centre then you can see the entire performance by visiting















My friend Andy Whitfield has recently set Lewis Carroll's poem Jaberwocky to music and he commissioned me to create the illustrations which will form the backdrop to the Millennium Choir's performs of the piece.  Working in collaboration with my son Sam who animated my illustrations we created this short film in the style of a Victorian theatre performance (see below).