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On leaving school I worked as a trainee illustrator in a small commercial art studio in Leicestershire. There I gained experience in creating illustrations for books and other artwork for publication. After working for a number of years as an illustrator and in industry I gained a Fine Art degree. Since then I have exhibited in galleries throughout the North of England and my paintings have been bought by public and private collectors both in this country and abroad.

 My artwork has featured widely in the regional press as well as in Hotline, the national magazine of Virgin Rail, in Lancashire Life and in ‘Facing North’, a book and exhibition project featuring 50 professional artists from across the North of England.

I work with a wide range of painting media including soft pastel, mixed media, oils, acrylic, gouache and watercolour. I enjoy painting landscapes, still life and portraits as well as my favourite subject, birds. 

I live and work in Lancaster and as well as an exhibiting artist I am also an art tutor in Adult Education and a community artist working with groups from a wide range backgrounds.





I have known Graham Lowe for more than ten years, both in his capacity as a professional artist and as a lecturer and teacher of art.

He has exhibited at our Maiden Bridge gallery on a yearly basis, exhibiting his exceptional pastel and acrylic paintings, depicting beautifully coloured landscapes, abstracted landscapes and still life paintings.

His work has established a considerable following with our clients and we have also had the privilege of collecting several examples of his work.

We look forward to showing his work in future years and enjoying his changing subject matter and direction.

His professional experience is enhanced by a perceptive understanding of the arts and his involvement in art education complements his integrity as a painter. His students when visiting the Maiden Bridge gallery speak very highly of him and also collect his work. He is a stimulating and interesting artist with whom it is a pleasure to work.    David Davies, Maiden Bridge Arts Centre  


 Thanks so much for the fabulous bird painting course last weekend Graham. Your style of teaching was so positive and patient and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was amazing to see what everyone achieved and how delighted we all were with our progress. I can't wait for you to come into school to work with my pupils as soon as possible. Thanks again. Sarah Brown. Cartmel Priory School.



Today we had the pleasure of Graham Lowe giving us an excellent lecture and practice in drawing. I would like to express to you our gratitude from all 8 members of the class present. Everyone enjoyed it tremendously. We all felt much encouraged by Graham's quiet delivery of instruction and helpful commentaries to each individual. We would very much like to have more of his tutoring in 2015 and hope we could have a monthly class. On behalf of the Friendship Centre in Lancaster I would like to thank you once more. Greetings,Helene Hearn, B.Ed. (retired)



Hi Graham,I just wanted to say thank you for the course at Alson Hall on the 13th February. Your learner feedback is excellent as are the supporting documents that you have submitted. In particular, thank you for reading, commenting and signing your learners’ individual learning plans.

Kind regards,LesleyLesley Hinchcliffe, Business Manager: Alston Hall, Lancashire Adult Learning. 



I find Graham provides a supportive environment in which to learn. He is calm always encouraging and manages to teach a mixed ability and often changing group useful and illuminating techniques. Above all he encourages all members to look harder at the world and in doing so we all become better people if not necessarily better artists (a debate on Ruskin could be possible here and I know Graham would engage). Importantly for me he subtly challenges perceived limitations. An example of this is when we were drawing flowers and he encouraged me to make a study of a rose which I privately found daunting but with Graham’s encouragement I discovered was possible. Previously I would have avoided such attempt. Such interventions are significant as it builds confidence in my ability as an artist.

Steven K Wilson, Friday Art Group: St Cuthbert’s, Lytham Lanc’s



Re: Explore Art class on Mondays 1-3

The Outrageous team wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the work that Graham Lowe has done with our art class on Monday afternoons.We wanted to achieve an inclusive group which would also provide an opportunity for people who are socially isolated to come together in a safe space to meet new people and learn new skills. Graham’s ability to work with such a wide variety of people in a calm and supportive manner has been instrumental to the success of the sessions and we really hope to be able to work with Graham in the future on additional projects.

Many thanks, The Outrageous Team


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